A Division of GreatBanc Trust Company

As a chartered trust company, Arboretum Wealth and Trust Management has the ability to manage complex financial situations, operate as a corporate trustee, and truly provide a full spectrum of financial services.

Even better, our services are all provided by in-house professionals. Trust administration is not farmed out to a third party as many retail brokers do. Investment management is not farmed out to a third party asset management firm, like many community banks do.  This in-house commitment is what allows us to know you, your goals, your preferences, and your needs to provide the personal, unique client service that is the hallmark of our company.

One concrete example of our commitment to our clients, especially our special needs clients, is the fact that 100% of our team have completed the Giant Steps' Autism Friendly Certification Program.  

Traditional Wealth Management

Our combined team's breadth of knowledge can help you navigate the complex web of interrelated financial and legal issues that come with the acquisition of wealth.

Our ability to see beyond the typical role of strictly managing investment assets to truly construct an integrated wealth plan, combined with our true boutique nature means you can enjoy a genuinely customized wealth management experience unique to you, your needs, your goals, and even your worries.  

When it comes to your financial well being, we don't believe you need to choose between eating well or sleeping well. A well developed strategy should allow you to do both.   

Retirement Planning

"Will I have or do I have enough to retire?" It is a question everyone asks themselves. Answering the question is a multi-faceted and complex process. Retirement means something different to everyone who contemplates it. Our team's experience allows us to ask the right questions to help solidify your goals, which is the first step in the planning process.


Investment Agency

Our internal investment group is both highly educated and well experienced. The professionals combine a wide range of individual specific expertise into a cohesive team. We utilize the latest techniques to ensure your investments are designed to meet your goals.

A unique aspect of our firm is your access directly to our investment management team. You will speak directly with the decision makers so that you can be comfortable with your investment positioning. More importantly, our investment team will know you and your specific needs and will be able to tailor their work to you.

Custody Services

​As a firm, we have over $57 billion of  assets under supervision, and we have the fiduciary background and advanced operational processes to support that business. 

Guardianships and Special Needs

Trust Services

​Throughout our corporate history, we have steadfastly protected the interests of our clients, none moreso than the clients not in a position to represent themselves.

Trustee Services

​What is the best way to ensure your trust does the job you intended it to do? How do you safeguard your family and other beneficiaries from what has become a more ethically challenged world?

As a chartered trust company, we hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standards. Our trust administrators have extensive experience in successfully navigating complex family situations.

Our Services